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3 Feb 2015 17:14

One Month Overdue
A Husband came back home one night, his wife
threw her arms around his neck and said, "Honey,
I'm one month overdue. It's like I'm pregnant! The
Doctor conducted a test on me today, but until it is
sure, we wouldn't tell anybody."
The next day, the Man's Wife received a phone call
from the electricity company because they had not
paid their electricity bill.
ELECTRICITY MAN: Am I speaking to Mr Kilish?
WIFE: This is his wife.
ELECTRICITY MAN: You are a month overdue hope
you all know?
WIFE: How did you people know?
ELECTRICITY MAN: Madam, it's in our file.
WIFE: (shouting) How did it enter your file?
ELECTRICITY MAN: We have a system of finding
out who is overdue.
WIFE: (exclaiming) Oh my GOD!
ELECTRICITY MAN: Madam, I'm sorry, I'm following
orders. I just called to inform you that you are
WIFE: No problem. I will tell my husband when he
comes back.
That night, she told her husband, "They know that
I'm overdue at the electricity company."
The next day, the Husband rushed to their office,
"What's happening? I heard you people have a file
that says that my wife is overdue. How did you
"Just calm down," said the Lady at the reception,
"It's nothing serious. All you have to do is pay
The Husband asked, "Pay you people for what?
What if I don't pay?"
LADY: Well, in that case sir, we have no option but
to cut yours off.
HUSBAND: If you cut it what will happen to my
LADY: I don't know. I guess, she will have to use
a candle!
The Husband fainted!

4 Feb 2015 00:50

Hahahaha,,, secrets always comes 2 light, one way or another, what's ur opinion??

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