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27 Jan 2015 10:13

Can you believe that immediately I registered on tiis site, I received about 500 messages from guys telling me they love me! Its really funny! I just can't stop laughing.

27 Jan 2015 14:05

That's how they r...very funny indeed..

27 Jan 2015 14:24

There are all funny

27 Jan 2015 14:31

Hmmmm, ladies also add guys so that they (ladies) can asking them (guys) 4 recharge cards

27 Jan 2015 14:58

an so wat if dey say dey luv u not deserved to be luv?

27 Jan 2015 15:06

those guys ar d kidz online cos all they ar after is beauti n get inbetween. a matured man will want to know well b4 other thing. except ppl with other motives. pleasee beware gols. i love u all

27 Jan 2015 15:24

cos it's what women wants to hear all d time n believe me dos who will fall for it will never but fall.......even at dat, Men are different each other n not all D Men in ds site does sooooooo.

Edited by G-hunter / 27 Jan 2015 15:25
27 Jan 2015 16:12

It happens to both

27 Jan 2015 17:13

Ok, I don hare u, e no badooOoO!, but talk tureth, inside that 500 guys, how may of them u do begi recharge card

27 Jan 2015 17:16

That is where we guys got it all wrong, immediately we saw pretty face or body of a girl, we listen to our thing in_between dat legs. That is absolutely infatuation. Girl pls stop wearing provocative wears,it will only earn u sweet commts. Believe me, real men will never go for u but onions.dey will leave tears in ur face after having there ways

27 Jan 2015 17:17

i was surprise too @ dami, same wit me o as if dey never fuck b4, is dat even love @first sight or what

27 Jan 2015 18:08

I didn't come here to beg for recharge card. Next time you don't have anytin to say, then just close your stinking mouth instead of saying something you don't know. Birds of the same feather. Nonsense!!!

27 Jan 2015 18:12

@dami707: Who is upsetting u? Pls take am easy ooo

27 Jan 2015 18:23

Truths ar very biter nd provokin 2 hear. Men

27 Jan 2015 18:28

@pinky40105: Why do u say "Men", but u know that girls on this site asks 4 recharge card first once a man says hello 2 them, apart from very few

27 Jan 2015 18:35

Opportunity 4 d ladies 2 tease d guys. The guys formally teased d ladies that they begs 4 recharge cards.

27 Jan 2015 18:42

is it a taboo to tell a pretty lady that u love her pls let me know

27 Jan 2015 18:48

@lance it's a lie,nt at d 1st tym,at dat stage wen sum 'men' start der nasty talks nd sum 'gals' wil blow thinkn dat der on top of d world dat's why der ask 4 order tns lyk rechargecards but sum 'men' ar wicked

27 Jan 2015 18:59

@pinky: I wish I can 4ward some of inbox msgs so that u can see 4 urself. I saw on a girls profile lately, it just say "add me on whatsapp ....." I inbox her n said "will u reply if u were added?" n she replied my subs is finished, can u send me card, I now replied, there u r, even when u haven't even known d person?.... She now said I'm sorry. Can u see now, I had many more experiences to share...

Edited by Lancemike007 / 27 Jan 2015 19:43
27 Jan 2015 19:22

@lance u gat it all now,I'm scared to add any girl wit dis kind update either add me on watsapp or bbm b'cos dat update is for begging u for recharge card.I'm now back to urs @ dami or whatever,why not appreciate urs instead of bring ur rubbish topic to d table for discussions wit dis olumo rock in front side of u don't lemme say olumo rock self but lawn tennis ball b'cos it's not dat big,among these 500 men,how manyof the did u ignore and how many of them have ubegged r/card?