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26 Jan 2015 19:27

West africa common pidgin proverb
"Craze no hard to form, na the trekking be wahala."
English translation: "Easier said than done.
"No matter how hot your temper be, e no fit boil
English Translation: Calm down, your temper won't
solve the problem.
"Chicken wey run from Borno go Ibadan go still end
up inside pot of soup."
English Translation: You can't run away from your
"Today's newspaper na tomorrow Suya wrap."
English translation: Keep calm! Nothing lasts
"Cow wey dey in a hurry to go America go come
as corn beef."
English Translation: Just be patient. Let the game
come to you. Don't rush!
"Akara and moin moin get the same parent,na wetin
dem pass through make dem different."
English Translation: How you start doesn't matter,
what matters is how you finish.
"Leave matter for Mathias and Sabi for Sabinus."
English Translation: Give everyone what they
"The difference between puff-puff and doughnut na
English Translation: Don't judge based on
"Escort me, Escort me, na im slave trade take start."
English translation: Serious things sometimes start
as a joke.
"The water wey dem use take make eba can never
recovered back."
English translation: Don't cry over spilled milk.
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26 Jan 2015 21:35

Monkey smart monkey smart na bcos tree near tree

27 Jan 2015 08:55

I getam b4 no bi property; translation- stop living in d past & move ahead

28 Jan 2015 10:19

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28 Jan 2015 19:16


1 Feb 2015 01:39

English:a foolish preson is a foolish preson no matter wt : who wor-wor don wor- wor no matter d mkup

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1 Feb 2015 11:37

A man who kns ur secret is same man dt will kill u:Trns- kokoro ton je efo edi efo lo waaa

1 Feb 2015 11:39

@Emma1919: Ah ah... dat 1 no be pigin nah

1 Feb 2015 11:41

They no dey tell craze man say market don scatter
Trnsltn: Always assimilate n learn from ur environment

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1 Feb 2015 21:03


1 Feb 2015 21:05

@geraldine6617: y r u insultive??

3 Feb 2015 10:56

All 4ollow no tink am@lance back to dt idiot watin bi dt ur name self garrildine6617 ur sence dey under ur slepass oloshii oloriburuku!

3 Feb 2015 12:18

Abi ooo @Emma1919

3 Feb 2015 13:39

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5 Feb 2015 18:39

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