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26 Jan 2015 17:51

How can one find a true friend here?

27 Jan 2015 13:32

By being sincere....

27 Jan 2015 13:36

by humble urself,and tryin a guy dat tel u he lv u

27 Jan 2015 13:41

sincerity says it all...buh most galz too form self

27 Jan 2015 14:35

U hardly find girls that r sincere these days, they will always ask 4 recharge cards, BIS, subscriptions as if it d guy that they just met will take care of them. They don't have regards for self esteem this days

27 Jan 2015 21:41

I belive that gud ladies,an guys are here on mobo,but u will first trust urself, tell urself truth,

28 Jan 2015 09:52

2 hv true frd suppose 2 b easy or is an easy tin if wit guys bt gals mak tins difcut,even a gal u ar datin wil ask u i dnt tink u ar double datin 4 u 2 trust her nd she hv many guys nd u cnt suspect,i dnt knw may b dey dnt care abt pain d hrt we sufer wen u c dem inluv wit anoda person.

30 Jan 2015 13:59

BEING URSELF ~ cos no bodi belivs anybodi again so aving gud frnd is hard.

31 Jan 2015 23:24

It's hard to know whether the person who wanted to be your friend is sincere or not. If you are someone who does not easily socialise with people around you it will be very difficult because you need to ask questions about the person to know him or her better.

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10 Feb 2015 23:12

I support ur motion