Nigerian forum: Jokes - True Life Story between A Guy and A Gal named Nathan and Chioma
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25 Jan 2015 22:57

Nathan walking up the street doing an Excercise saw this beautiful fair fine Chick Chioma... Walked up to her.........
Nathan: Hello Gorgeous One
Chioma: (replied) He ugly smelling guy.....
Nathan: How are u feeling?
Chioma: fine and Can I help u?
Nathan: Maybe uhmm yess
Chioma: with what pls don't disturb me am not in the mood for this toasting rubbish..
Nathan: Chillax babe, u are beautiful and u got my attention and am just on the street doing some jugging
Chioma: Get out plss....
Nathan: Okay I will but atleast just talk to me for 1 mins, well I won't talk much, I will like to have ur number,
Chioma: See this smelling shit, want to have my Number, Abeg park well...
Nathan: I don't really come out like this,like I said before I am just doing some exercise... Plss we can talk better later on fone, I will call u wif my Airtime.
Chioma: See if u don't leave me Now am Gonna shout on u that u are harrassing me
Nathan: Okay u seem harsh it doesn't matter, am a cool guy if u know me u won't be like this on me.
Chioma: wow wetin I wan know for ur body, u wey sweat like xmas goat and smelling like shit..
Then Nathan said aite and chioma was just about walking away......
Nathan Driver comes with his Range rover sport 2014, and picked nathan(Nathan is a rich multi millionaire)
Chioma: oh Nathan come and have my number now, I didn't know uhm........... (Lips sealed)
Lolzzzzzzzz CHAi
Abeg all of una guys here if u be Nathan se u go collect that kind gal number oooo no lie....

28 Jan 2015 01:17

Hmmmm,, 2 be continued

12 Jun 2015 19:22


12 Jun 2015 19:29


13 Jun 2015 09:53

so sweet n funny

13 Jun 2015 10:44


13 Jun 2015 20:17


14 Jun 2015 04:01


14 Jun 2015 04:12

*** game has jst begin tru chioma and i,no probs,9ce 1!

14 Jun 2015 04:13

i will have her num.

14 Jun 2015 11:59

GOD Forbid If It Was Me I Wont Collet Dat Numba Bcos Wat Women Knw Is Money

14 Jun 2015 13:01


14 Jun 2015 14:12

Its better for one to collect a mad woman's number then her's (chioma).

14 Jun 2015 17:34

Oboy i go bulshit am too o

14 Jun 2015 21:51

am a lady bti ill advice him nt to collect dat no oo

14 Jun 2015 22:26

Don't mine it may happen 2morrow they can mate each other then settle their self on bed

14 Jun 2015 23:49

I wl not bcos her speech read in her character that she's not a good girl.

18 Jun 2015 22:41

there is no need collecting her num