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11 Mar 2014 15:12

A man who just got married, fell in love with a lady next door. He wanted to have time with his lover. So he told his wife he was going for a seminar in a city nearby and will back in a week.

So he quickly packed his belongings, said goodbye to his wife and left. When he saw that his wife had entered the house, he sneaked into the lady's house next door where he had fun and spent the whole night with her. Early next morning, he peeped through the window and was shocked by what he saw. He saw a man moving around his yard, wearing his pyjamas.

Angry, he went out and said to the man; "hey! You! What are you doing there?"

The man answered; "I am the lady's lover. I will be here for a week. Her husband is out in another town for a seminar. So I will be with her till he comes.''

Getting angrier, the husband said, "You are an idiot! l will deal with you as soon as I return from the seminar!"

13 Mar 2014 20:55

May d guy wait until d man com bac 4rm semina na

20 Mar 2014 17:49

d man also came 4 his own seminar lol

21 Mar 2014 18:12

This is really funny believe me.I like them and their seminar.What goes around comes around.

26 Mar 2014 15:29


26 Mar 2014 21:44

If u're doing it u can't just escape it

1 Apr 2014 23:34

seminar no pass seminar!
All na seminar

4 Apr 2014 22:05


29 Aug 2015 14:48

good seminar

22 Sep 2015 00:06


22 Sep 2015 13:14

great seminar