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21 Jan 2015 10:23

Am a computer science Bsc holder,David by
name,hav a sister who is my only sibling by
name Vero.Our parents died wen we were stil
very young,14 & 17yrs precisely,wen mum was
dying,she askd 4 only one request 4rm me
"Take kia of ur younger sister very well,b her
guardian angel & mak sure she neva gets hurt",I
promise 2 kip dis wit my last blood.
Years has gone now,though life was tough bt I
managed 2 see myself thru scul.
I decided 2 run a TV show I called "EVERYDAY
LIFE & ACTIVITIES" which shall b show casing
how & wat one does daily. I decided 2 use
myself as a start,I mounted Digital cameras in
some locations in my house,only me knws about
it,for more dan 3 months now d cameras hav
been recording all my activities at home wit d
one in my place of work.Vero stays in scul &
only cums back during vacations,she also
doesnt knw about my programme.
I hav a childhood male friend Smart who cam in
2 d state I reside now 4 a new job,dere was no
choice bt 2 accomodate him,he doesnt knw
about d cameras also,I hav no intention of using
d programme 4 -ve tins.
Smart has been a gud person sinc over 4
months we hav been living 2geda,Vero also do
cum back & all of us do stay as one family.
After each day's recording,I do review dem.
On cuming back 4rm work few days back,my
little Angel Vero wasnt in a happy mood,her
eyes were soaked wit tears,I tried 2 ask her,bt
bcos her heart was filled wit pain,she couldnt
say anytin,tears were rolling down her chicks.
I began 2 wonder wat happened,I askd about
Smart,she said he went out dis evening,many
tots began 2 flow thru my mind,I went 2 my
media room,locked myself up 2 review d day's
recording,mayb I can get a clue of wat
As I began 2 watch d tapes,my evryday life &
activities TV show began 2 turn in2 a Movie wen
by d recording tym in d camera as
9:45am,Smart is stil at home,he was supposed 2
leave d house as at 8am. 10:19am recording
tym,Vero went 2 hav her bath,not quite
long,Smart enterd my room,began 2 feel my
bed,touching it & dressing it. "Wat is about 2
happen?" I askd myself,hmmm.... 10:35am Vero
entered while I noticed Smart hiding at d back
of d door,as my little sis entered & headed 2 d
cosmetics' stand 2wards d head of d bed,Smart
came out 4rm his hiding spot,"Vero do u knw u
are beautiful?" he told my sis,she was angry wit
Smart 4 his action & askd him 2 leave d
room,smart began 2 drag her 2d bed,dere
began a fight b/w dem,Smart slapped her
pushed her down on d bed,gav her a blow on
her muscle dat made her bones became
weak,she began 2 scream 4 help bt his hand
was on her mouth,smart raped my baby sis on
my own bed,not only dat,she is still a virgin,I
mean my sister's virginity blood on my bed
instead of her hubby's bed,I couldnt hold
myself as I watched d tape,I was boiling inside
I quickly called my sis,I played d tape again wit
her,she was just crying in my arms,I hav no
option dan 2 pay back.
My sis needed revenge too,I remembered wat I
promised mum,No! mum wont b happy wit me
if I stay calm.
Dis is where my TV show begins I said 2 myself.
I set d cameras again,den smart came in by
7pm,I pretended dat nothing happened,she also
did as if she has 4goten evrytin bcos smart
pleaded wit her after d act nt 2 let me knw.
Den as at 1am in d nite,I tied smart in2 a
chair,replayed d tape 4him.
Since den,Smart has been my hostage,am killing
him slowly,I've plucked one of his eyes,his ears
also,his left fingers are off & right toes
inclusively,am realy thirsty 4 blood revenge
now,after Smart is dead,I must mak sure I wipe
out his family & dere after publish my tape 2b
run as a TV show.
I dnt care wat happens later,am gona giv in my
last blood 2see dat who eva hurts my sis goes
down & like dis kind,I cant luk back...
Members,dis guy sent me dis msg,he said his
mind is made up,bt I tink we can do sometin if
dere is sometin 2b done.
**So if u are in dis guy's shoe,wat wil u do 2
Smart ur childhood friend or how wil u treat d
Do u tink dat dis guy's action is d best & if
nt,wat would u advice him 2do at dis stage or
how best can u stop him 4rm going ahead wit
his plans?
**Remember,u can b part of Smart's family & u
find urself paying 4d food u didnt eat,or u can
b Vero's relative

30 Jan 2015 07:20

let d law handle it tank god u he av anoff evidence 2 nail his frnd dat is d only revange he nid his sista is d one d nid heip rite now killing someone we land u in jail or death sentence 4 killing ur fellow man and den what happen 2 dat u wish 2 protect. Anger is wat u're feeling rite now take care of sista first by taken for a proper care by doctor and handover ur frnd 2 d law please n please no killing ur sista nid u now more dan ever b4 let d law take his place. Tank u david

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30 Jan 2015 16:50


30 Jan 2015 16:58


30 Jan 2015 16:59

U shld have handed him 2 d police with a copy of d recording

30 Jan 2015 17:07

i dnt bliv in ur stories

1 Feb 2015 01:31

Na ur wahala bi dt

14 Feb 2015 02:16

smart had done just a passion.

25 Apr 2015 11:48


24 May 2015 22:47

hadle over him to police,and he should promise your sister that he will marry her and back up with legal marriage cos he his the one that disvirgin her and collect the bride price from him,then your parent will be happy with your action.

26 May 2015 00:36

I cant believe some people can still be fooled with some acrobatic display. Imagine some of u believing this fake story. E pele.

26 May 2015 00:39

u fuck her?

26 May 2015 01:06

Either fake or true story,its what many are experiencing day and nite,no friend can be trusted,even a blood siblings do betray,how much more a friend.You dont expect such will happen bcus u trust ur frnd nd think he will never do such thing to your sister.lustful sexual emotions can arouse when one sight a sexual part of an opposite gender and admire it.The feelings u hav for ur sister is quite different frm d one ur frnd has toward her.Leaving ur frnd at home wit ur grown up sister is like wen u leave a fried meat uncovered wen u hav cats all around ur house,do u expect d cat to persive the odor nd just walk away?No!.Though it can happen anyone,but think twice,wat if u were in d guy's shoe,will u accept bin killed gradually?.By doing such to him,u re taking laws ino ur own hands.Its adiceable to report or hand him over to d police or charge him to court,dat is an assualt,he dominate ur sister,same with criminal offense.If u kill him urself,dat means he win u,u will later b jailed nd still hav his sin on urs

27 May 2015 09:47

The damage done by smart is quite enomous-if i were you, i'd just castrate him!

27 May 2015 13:44

You have fight a good fight. If he could do that to your sister, he is not a friend could he can also do it to your wife or mother. When the douster of Jacob was raped, the brothers did the same thing.

4 Jun 2015 20:02


3 Jul 2015 10:45

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