Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - WHAT REALLY MAKES A MAN READY FORMARRIAGE?
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21 Jan 2015 10:17

As a young man, I was told that I am not ready
for marriage, I mean that it's too early for me
to start family simply bcause I brought a
woman from another tribe as my wife to be. My
Dad said I have no money. What if the gal is
from a well known wealthy family like Dangote
and Adenugas, will I still b termed too young for
marriage at 27?
What really makes a man ready to marry?
Money, age, tribe etc?
At what age can it be considered suitable for a
man to marry?
How much is enough that one will say he has
gotten that he will be termed ready to marry?
Mikel Obi, on his word, even with his fame, age
and money said it's difficult to find a wife.
Is it okay to look for a life partner when u hav
gotten to d top after many hardship on ur way
Is it also okay to leave the gal u have struggled
with all ur life to d top when u get there,and
look for another gal all in the name of tribal

1 Dec 2015 23:27


2 Dec 2015 00:29

what can off question is that..? man have redy have redy habaa.!