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11 Mar 2014 05:29

Vampires are one of the worlds most deadliest
and oldest predators. They live in the shadows
and hunt at night. Their only meal was blood,
fresh blood that is, and their favourite and
irresistable blood supply was humans. The
sweetest and most nutritious blood bag. They
were very fast and very strong and sometimes
played with their catch before feasting.
Whenever they bit a person without sucking,
they release a venom that induces
transformation always accompanied by great
pains that can make some persons to swoon
for a short time only to wake up with great and
uncontrollable thirst for blood and anyone
unlucky enough to be found in its path is
usually suckled to death. They couldn't be
poisoned, gunned down or stabbed to death
because they heal quickly making them almost
immortal. The only way they could be killed
was by ripping them apart, especially by the
head but that was somewhat difficult because
their skin was tough, although, they had their

There was an anti-vampire organization that
trained its recruits on how to hunt down a
vampire, how to use its weaknesses against it
and most especially how to kill it. They were
trained to be able to be as fast and strong as
vampires and to be able to predict its every
move. They were equipped with good weapons
to use against vampires. Since their existence,
vampires had learned to fear them because
they were very productive in their purpose.

At first, it was condemned as an illegal secret
organization killing innocent people claiming
they were dangerous until it dawned on the
government that vampires were indeed real
which led to the licensing of the organization to
hunt and kill vampires. They had their agents
stationed in different borders to do their job
secretly from humans ignorant of vampires
existence. Jake Whitten was one of the best field
agents and as he gets deeper, he discovers that
he may be able to rid the world of vampires
and with assistance from friends, he's set out
to bring the doom to vampires, fully prepared
to take down any form of resistance.

This is just the introduction. Keep in touch to
read the chapters of this exciting action-packed
story, personally written by me Martins
Toritseju, to be posted in subsequent time.
Please this item shouldn't be copied, pirated or
modified. given ID of this story
book is #1869111.
Follow up on chapters @

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13 Jul 2014 13:51

This write up reminds me of the movie "VAMPIRE DIARIES"