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17 Jan 2015 15:11

YOU saw a beautiful girl, you like
fought tirelessly to win her wake up in
the middle of the night to text her
swore you love call her pet
names......You adore all her imperfections
love whatever she puts on.....You spend all time
with her without complaining....You clean her face
and wipe her tears....You gently won her made her believe in you. She came to
trust assured her that you will always be
there for her...You gave her hope.....
She believed you are different....She believed she
has found LOVE again. She threw her pride
away.. .She forgot that value she attached to
herself...She has refused everyone that competes
with you for her. .You could now hold her phone all
day long. She now tells everyone that care to hear
that she has found Him at last. ......
And now, you are thinking of how best to break up
with her. You begin to avoid her. Her presence now
choke you up. Her voice now irritates you. She is
now cheap to you. You yelled at her over little
issues. You now clearly see where she had stretch
marks. You now see that her English is filled with
blunders. She is suddenly from a poor background
and she is not your class.
Remember this BRO Every act on earth has pay
back. And the payback always comes in the right
proportion. You deceived her and had your ways,
and now you think she is cheap. You were only
fortunate. With time she will forget you,.....but, you
will also receive disappointments where you had full

25 Mar 2015 15:15

10x! a piece of advice z enough 4 d wise

6 Jul 2016 11:34

The Same To Ladies As Well! God Knows Address Of Every Soul.

6 Jul 2016 14:37

I lik this

18 Jul 2016 14:30

Hmmm Nice One We Have Been Jilt Frm 1 Relationship Or D Other Pls Be Careful Of Those Dat Come 2 Say I Luv U And I Tin Dat Is 4 Sure Is All Jilters Wil Always Regret

18 Jul 2016 14:40

Hav u eva sit back 2 think of d cause? In most cases, its frm d laday. 85% of broken relationship are frm d woman!

27 Aug 2016 20:50

Hmmmmmmm! Both men and women are guilty of this,a lady asked me to help her by sending a transport fare to her to enable her to return back to Lagos from Ebonyi State when she went for job interview ,same day I registered with another ID on mobofree and used my friend picture,the same lady asked for an help that she wanted to travel to get her foodstuff in Lagos and she is schooling in Osun State. Please,guys also need to be careful of fake ladies.

30 Aug 2016 06:27

You 've spoke well, let dose who have ear 2 hear!