Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - [b] Why do mobofree users lie about their profile?? [/b]
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17 Jan 2015 12:20

I hope that u will agree with me after reading this article and selecting randomly some profiles, go through them and act in accordance with what the person wrote on his or her profile, u will find out that most people lie regarding their profile.
Most people just filled their information without knowing actually the significant, for example, you will see in somebody's profile; "I like chatting", yet he or she have not visited any chat room for once and even if u inbox the person, no reply. Again, somebody will have a lady's pictures while the profile gender will say male and vice versa,,,, and many more
Is it that most people dont understand how to fill in their information or is it oversight???

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17 Jan 2015 12:23

Let us look into this issues and try to amend, we are here for friendships not deceit, nobody knows where he or she will meet a good friend that will be valuable

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17 Jan 2015 14:43

Examples of people's profile: Love to make friends with people dat will inspire me, Love 2 make friends all over d globe, etc yet when u say hello 2 them, they won't reply.....

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