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12 Jan 2015 16:38

Zodiac Signs

Does zodiac signs have any effect on someone's future, character or life style?

12 Jan 2015 17:06
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12 Jan 2015 17:20

Baristaer abi watin i go call u dis ur grammer no bi 4 here oo

12 Jan 2015 17:21

The grammer is simple, some people believes that zodiac sign (ie the star controlling their date of birth) affects their daily activities while some others opposes it, it depends on individual difference but churches do preach against it

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12 Jan 2015 17:32

The horoscope (ie Zodiac sign) does not determine the future, but shows the possible guides.

There are twelve zodiac signs which are ruled by the planets in the following manner:

•Sun governs zodiac Leo
•Gemini or Virgo which are governed by Mercury
•Taurus & Libra are governed by Venus
•Cancer is governed by Moon
•Mars governs zodiac Aries
•Sagittarius Element fire is governed by Jupiter
•Saturn governs zodiac Capricorn
•Aquarius is governed by Saturn and Uranus (In modern astrology Aquarius is ruled by Uranus)
•Neptune govern zodiac Pisces(In old school astrology Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter)
•Scorpio -Element water is ruled by Pluto (In old school astrology Scorpio is also ruled by Mars)

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12 Jan 2015 17:39

It does not determine ur future rather it guides you and can influence ur character and attitudes to people..

12 Jan 2015 17:40

The twelve zodiac signs are:

Pisces &

12 Jan 2015 17:45
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12 Jan 2015 18:00

@Don-number-1: I appreciate ur hails and inputs too, we r here 2 learn n acquire knowledge but some people are only interested in scams, thanks a lot bro

12 Jan 2015 19:27

@Lancemike007 u too much broda u bi real science student tnx 4 ur enlightment. But 4 dt scams level so if mugu fall guyman go chop even our politicans dem day scams us too is not dt am here to scam sumone am here just to cash fun i hail u once agin

12 Jan 2015 19:30
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12 Jan 2015 20:23

@Emma1919: Scamming is a game bro, but it must be done diligently, most people r just doing it with reckless abandon. Thanks 4 ur compliment

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12 Jan 2015 20:34

@Don-number-1: These people doesn't have regards 4 themselves if they do, they shld know that recharge card means nothing.

12 Jan 2015 20:46

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12 Jan 2015 22:07

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12 Jan 2015 22:24

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12 Jan 2015 23:27

geography student

12 Jan 2015 23:31

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13 Jan 2015 09:40

This is not geography, it is called horoscope or astrology.

13 Jan 2015 09:41

@Chinenye41: U r Sagittarius, that is, November 22 - December 21, meaning; Philosophical, Motion, Experimentation, Optimism.

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