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13 Jan 2014 23:04

Check out useful tips, they will help you to avoid being dumped. If you decided to buy used mobile phone, pay attention to following things:

1. Check Display Screen – Most of the smart phones use touch screen. So first check if the screen is in good condition, if there are lots of scratches them you should ask for a big discount else do not deal with it.
2. Cell Phone Body – You need to consider the condition of the cell phone body while buying used cell phone. If you find any dent or scuff then you can ask for a good discount later on you can put your phone in a protective case so that the dent will not be visible.
3. Check The Battery – Check if the phone battery drain out quickly, if so then you can ask to cut the price of the battery as you need to replace it. If the seller does not agree to cut the battery price then also it can be a good deal if the phone is in well and good condition. So double check before taking any decision.
4. Software – Phones with software problems are never reliable. Software problems in smart phones are really high. But if you are a techie person you can easily overcome this software problem in the phone. You can bargain high if the phone is having software issues. But if you are not sure of what kind of software issue it is then its better to stay away. So if you are buying a faulty phone make sure it is cheap and you can rectify the issue.
5. Verify the IMEI Number of the Cell Phone: Before buying any used cell phone verify that the IMEI number is a registered one. Unregistered IMEI cell phones may not work with cell phone networks.

15 Jan 2014 12:24

how can we know that IMEI is registered

17 Jan 2014 21:42

To know IMEI-*#06#

19 Jan 2014 15:28

ways to find out IMEI of your phone:
1. Dial it in. Most phones have a very simple key-in method to retrieve IMEI/MEID numbers: enter a 5-digit string—*#06#—and the number will be displayed on your phone. BUT this is not true for all carriers or phones.

2. If you bought a new phone, you can easily find IMEI on package: Locate the original packaging for your mobile device. Don’t worry about the booklet; look for the box.
Locate the original packaging for your mobile device. Don’t worry about the booklet; look for the box.
Look for the IMEI. It should be clearly labeled and is usually listed together with the barcode and serial number.

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