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9 Mar 2014 19:25

Are pet names necessary in relationships! What are the significants of pet names among couples?

11 Mar 2014 15:50

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11 Mar 2014 18:49

Pet name is necessary in the family. Especially between the couples. Baby, dear, honey, tu, ♍Ɣ, tami, abik etc.

11 Mar 2014 18:52

It is very necessary between the couples. Like tu, dear, honey, tami, turayo, abike. It depend on the couple to decide the names they W̶̲̥̅̊ȋ̝̊̅ ̄ι̥ι̥ be calling them self.

16 May 2014 19:39

To me o, its nt nesry. Given pet names does nt means both couples luv themselves so dearily. What are the pet names all about when both couples had abused the doctry of marriages. We should stop deceiving ourselves.

19 May 2014 21:28

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12 Nov 2015 03:55

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12 Nov 2015 10:44

It's necessary and it represents intimacy

12 Nov 2015 17:34

I think d reasons 4 pet names is that it add more swtness 2 d r/ship and it also cool d hrt wit love.for example if your husband name is chukwudi ,as a wife culin him chukwudi sound so dry,buh wen u cul him" my love"hmmm it sound so swt.