Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Is It Possible For A Girl To Ask a Guy On A Date?
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1 Jan 2015 02:02

If as a girl can you ask a guy on a date?.
And as a guy will you go if a girl ask you out on a date?.

3 Jan 2015 15:10


3 Jan 2015 15:16

Why not it doesn't matter even in the first sight but mind u it depend and if ones heart need it

3 Jan 2015 15:17


3 Jan 2015 15:19

it cool

3 Jan 2015 15:26

yes it is possible

3 Jan 2015 15:31

Yes,nothing bad about that that's the power of love

3 Jan 2015 15:33

yes bt 4me i cant do dat

3 Jan 2015 15:39

It did not matter who ask who but but what matter is what u both feel 4 each other.

3 Jan 2015 15:49


3 Jan 2015 16:01

U still need to read or know more about relationship. If you say u can't, that means u are self centered n care more only abt ur self n what u can gain @ Teejay2395

3 Jan 2015 16:14

anyhow bt i cant donsamuel10

3 Jan 2015 16:24

Both is possible. I can accept such but is going 2 take a long period of courtship. Then, wen a guy is askd out, it means d girl is fed up. D best option is to flee otherwise d consequence may be disappointmt. They are many!

3 Jan 2015 16:56

yeah of course she can ask a guy out okay

3 Jan 2015 16:59

Yes its possible no crime

3 Jan 2015 16:59


3 Jan 2015 17:00

yes as for me, if a girl can get mine to come and ask me for data I will go ahead and marriage the girl

3 Jan 2015 17:34

Its very unholy to see a lady for d first time nd ask her out cox u dnt know how real she is,likewise for a lady. But d fact is, when u got to know him or her, firstly try to make friend with him or her. It doesnt matter how long it took u to do dat. By d time u know her really, even if she or he is in a relationship, he or she will accept u if u two re meant to be. Having known him as a friend. Ask him his intentions towards u and if his intentions is contrary then u dont need to tell him ur feelings.

3 Jan 2015 17:41

But if he find something interesting about u, he wont be able to deny it becox he might have been looking for way to tell u. Tell him ur a matured way of wooing a guy than telling him foolishly. That i love u

3 Jan 2015 17:45

Yes notin wrong with that