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30 Dec 2014 07:45

Love is when u take away the passion, the romance and the sex in a relationship and find out u still feel or care 4 that person. Caring is the basic aspect of love. A time will come when the romance, the passion and the sex in a relationship will be reduced but caring have to continue to the fullest in order to keep the love going. Once caring reduce or cease you will find out that the love will surely shatter or crash. From this we can understand that the passion, the romance and the sex in a relationship is no love. Feeling or Caring is the major issue surrounding love.

30 Dec 2014 10:23

Luv is wen u'r wid sum1 yet u fil con4table.

30 Dec 2014 10:38

U ryt......

30 Dec 2014 10:46

Wow! Kudos

30 Dec 2014 10:50

that means love is not all about sex let evr one get that

30 Dec 2014 11:01

Love is d feeling of comportment nd total acceptability of oneself, when it is rough nd smooth

30 Dec 2014 12:00

Luv is seein a pit n jumpin inside

30 Dec 2014 12:34
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30 Dec 2014 13:10

hm joke

30 Dec 2014 14:21

D only time i hd abut luv is wen mom n dad told me dey luv me i never new dt 2day i will be standin tellin someone i luv her

30 Dec 2014 14:51
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30 Dec 2014 16:05


30 Dec 2014 16:21


30 Dec 2014 17:07

is der true luv in dis world

30 Dec 2014 17:47

Luv can only last if one trust 1 fully without belivin others dat spies him or her

30 Dec 2014 19:25

Please how we i know if my partner love me?

30 Dec 2014 19:25

Hmmm luv

30 Dec 2014 21:21

Well I belive that careing is d key of love

30 Dec 2014 22:04

Love is prudent delivery of one's responsibilities nd total submission to one another

30 Dec 2014 22:12

Love is when u re not with someone yet u feel confortable and when u re with him or her u feel secured.despite his or her flaws, u re very satisfied