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13 Dec 2014 19:51

two fathers and one son went fishing. they caught two fishes and shared it equally (taking one each without dividing nor cutting)..., how come?

16 Dec 2014 12:54

The to father will take it one and one so when the order father get is own he will give it to is son

16 Dec 2014 13:00

A father wit a son took a fish while the other father took the other, thereafter the father wit son gave the lone fish back to his son.

16 Dec 2014 13:02

the have to share it equally, so when the father that has the son gets his own he can then cut or divided it.

16 Dec 2014 15:02

The father of the son wld hv one with the son, while the other man take the other fish

16 Dec 2014 15:06

Since both are fathers and have one son will then be shared one per family

16 Dec 2014 15:08
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16 Dec 2014 15:18

D father wit son wil take d bigest one so as to share wit d son d other father wil take d litle one alone send my airtym

16 Dec 2014 19:12


16 Dec 2014 19:24

A grandfather and a son

16 Dec 2014 22:25

could u throw more light @ wlovagurl and Ade_02..., one of u cld be d winner.

16 Dec 2014 23:49

The grandfather and the father of the son shared the fish

17 Dec 2014 00:32

father A gave birth to father B... father A is a father to father B while father B is a son to father A

17 Dec 2014 00:34

Quote by wlovagurl


17 Dec 2014 01:09

The fathers took one and the son took one

17 Dec 2014 01:32

Two fathers(A&B)...father B is a son to father A while father A is a father to father a real sense only two people actually went to fish

17 Dec 2014 01:40

A Father(A) gave birth to a son,The son grewup married,gave birth& became a father(B).The father(B) is a son to father(A).in a real sense only father(A)&father(B) went for fishing that was why the two fish they caught was share equally

17 Dec 2014 08:43
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17 Dec 2014 09:23

Father we take the bigger one nd son we take remain one

17 Dec 2014 12:19
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