Nigerian forum: Other - Good manners!
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13 Dec 2014 16:43

Good manners arent like a suit we wear to impress people and then taken off when we get home. Let it be part of Us.. Lovely day pals...

16 Dec 2014 13:09

Good talk

16 Dec 2014 15:09

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16 Dec 2014 15:10

Manners says a lot about who we are inwardly n spiritually.

16 Dec 2014 15:33


16 Dec 2014 17:25

Manners is more like behaviour, u cant fake it, it's like a smoke if u cover it with deception, with time it will come out

16 Dec 2014 21:21

yeh dat's gud

16 Dec 2014 22:02

Good manners shows d kind of person we are, just like behaviour, character and converstion tells what we are.

16 Dec 2014 22:29

Good manners are real when u start it from childhood,but its mere acting if u grab it in adulthood.

16 Dec 2014 23:13

i agree wit u