Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Things To Do For Your Woman Without Her Asking
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6 Dec 2014 10:56

1: Come up from behind and kiss her
Probably one of the most underrated affectionate
gestures of all time. But, there's no reason she should
have to ask that this happens at every single

2: Pause the TV when she need to talk
Not everything requires you to stop everything you're
doing to listen but if something's on her mind or
bothering her, put that higher on the priority list
than your video game/football match.

3: Respect her privacy
Don't go through her phone, her purse, her email,
etc. Nothing wrong with a relationship of
transparency, but snooping around her stuff won't
make your trust issues go away and shows lack of

4: Help her do the cleaning up of the house, washing, or plates, if you have a woman
that keeps the house clean, then helping out shows
you value her hard work to do so.

5: Protect and defend her honor
Particularly against people you knew before her and
all men, see to it that your woman is never
disrespected or made to feel uncomfortable by

6: Tell other women you're taken
Every man has to face temptation. You're not going
through anything unique because women
occasionally hit on you. But you should be the first
one to set the record straight that you're off limits.
Nip it in the bud, every time whether your woman is
present or not.


9 Dec 2014 17:37

Dats great

9 Dec 2014 17:52

Man dat can do all that is rare

9 Dec 2014 18:13

story teller..we go dey try our best sha...cus it our job 2mak dem fil api.

9 Dec 2014 18:31

Gud talk

9 Dec 2014 18:38

story for d gods

9 Dec 2014 18:50

Mister ethics u got it right,but rmmber when women are allowd they will always want to take allowance.

9 Dec 2014 18:51

I wil do more dan dat to my woman

9 Dec 2014 19:20

Nice lecture, men bewear!

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9 Dec 2014 19:46


9 Dec 2014 20:07

I love this. Wish i gat a some1 to show it to.

9 Dec 2014 20:29

Hmmn,,story story....only if;

9 Dec 2014 20:42

may God let dem do it

9 Dec 2014 21:11

dis wow

9 Dec 2014 21:21

No bi lire

9 Dec 2014 21:21

Nic one God wil let dem do it

9 Dec 2014 21:22

Well dats a gud 1,nd tanks 4 advice

9 Dec 2014 21:38


9 Dec 2014 21:41

God will help so dat dey can do it

9 Dec 2014 22:34