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5 Dec 2014 08:40

We thank you all for your deep love, understanding, commitment and drive towards making the H2i vision a reality to all.
You have all demonstrated excellent spirit in the midst of the usual challenges and unpleasant irregularities our growth processes has
brought before us.We had always stood together, fought and overcame together. This show we are all learning fast and becoming one united
force against poverty, lack and other anti-human vices militating against man. We are all truly becoming refined products of the vision.
consequently, we must say that the future is bright for all of us.Congratulation to you all!
We are very sure the promo was worth it, not minding the series of challenges experienced so far. Records have been set
and you can't imagine what members have achieved so far. Wait for the official result publication next week! It will blow your mind! We mean it!!
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5 Dec 2014 15:12

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8 Dec 2014 13:44

una try

9 Dec 2014 11:49

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9 Dec 2014 12:15

Wel spoken, and a wel meaning inteligent Quotient. Haven said that, i also wish 2say a big fank you 2all the users of this site. Indeed am impressed and i do believe dat we re heading somewhere. God bless U all. From Master Raphael. < A Laboratory Technologist and a Biochemist>

13 Dec 2014 00:06

I 2nd ur motion master Raphael, u have spoken the minds of most users on this site.

13 Dec 2014 11:48

click on 4 registration into helping handz, d registration is free.

14 Dec 2014 12:40

Una try, una 2much, GOD go belss una,

14 Dec 2014 14:32


14 Dec 2014 16:50

amen iooo

9 Feb 2015 14:18
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