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2 Dec 2014 17:27

Don’t Let a Border Come Between You and
Your True Love

Long distance relationships are often a topic of
controversy; everyone seems to have a story or an
opinion on why relationships will or will not work.

Quite simply, if you love someone enough, distance,
and even borders, will not prevent you from enjoying
a healthy and wonderful relationship.
Certainly most couples would prefer to spend the bulk
of their time together, enjoying each other’s company
and sharing experiences together.

Unfortunately, a
number of couples do not enjoy that luxury as a
result of work, citizenship status or familial
obligations. Sometimes physically being together
simply isn’t an option. However, that doesn’t mean
that the relationship is destined to fail.

Find ways to keep in touch with your partner and
make sure to take full advantage of every moment you
get to spend together. Plan short trips together, take
a sick day at work or just show up unexpectedly at
their door when possible. You would be amazed at
the long lasting impact that effort will have on the
level of admiration you receive from your partner.

Remember that the heart knows no borders, so don’t
allow them to interfere in a relationship with the
person you love most.


3 Dec 2014 16:47

tru talk...

3 Dec 2014 17:08

i think i will try dis

3 Dec 2014 18:43
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3 Dec 2014 19:38

yea,well said

3 Dec 2014 20:52

Well said dear

4 Dec 2014 00:24


4 Dec 2014 07:25

Nice post

4 Dec 2014 09:32

Good write up,imaging someone on bbm updating 'crossing road tinx on point, still pinging, hit by a car nd still updating 'dying tinx on point' what do u think about dat fellow?

4 Dec 2014 11:17


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4 Dec 2014 15:40

Nice one

4 Dec 2014 17:42

u got it as in u get full brain

4 Dec 2014 18:26

Well articulated and serving d purpose no doubt....

4 Dec 2014 20:05

Sure sure

4 Dec 2014 20:20
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4 Dec 2014 23:10

Actually I feel it but I always considered b'cos of the way she loves me

5 Dec 2014 01:47

Abeg cheating go full 4 distance luv.

5 Dec 2014 05:08

it sounds interestin, bt let b realistic. distance relatnshp dosnt wrk atyms cuz am a clear victim. we jst brk up cuz she tld me clearly datshe wz cheatin on me......!

5 Dec 2014 07:54

Lovely one