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2 Dec 2014 01:00

I can only call it a gift for all.

If you are in need of some serious internet data, you may have to try out this little piece, who knows you may qualify like myself. A whooping 4GB for only N1500. AM sure you cant beat that from MTN, GLO or ETISALAT.

First you need be on the Airtel Network. And for those Airtel fans. You are invited too.
To begin dail *440*440#. This is to check if you qualify for this gift.

Once you get the eligibility result and its positive, then recharge airtime worth N1500 on your Phone. And here is the only thing that will be left for you. Dial *440*161#. Airtel is going to dive you a whooping 4GB instantly.

You want to do that right away? Enjoy its all yours and dont forget the news. We dont have only enjoy spreading bad news like Sahara Reporters.

2 Dec 2014 12:56
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3 Dec 2014 07:46

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3 Dec 2014 20:20

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