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1 Dec 2014 22:44

Why do some people post a different picture that is not their own on their profile?

2 Dec 2014 12:25

I wonder oo! One boy carry a picture of a rich man in his car put on to deceive ladies that his is rich. Well, we ladies too some carry de photo of porn artist to call de guys' attention

2 Dec 2014 12:26

Its a sign of being a fraudster

2 Dec 2014 12:34

It's either bcos d person's intention on mbfree is not pure or bcos he/she is 2 ugly 2 behold.

2 Dec 2014 13:49

It is an act of ungratefulness to God,kindly present urself d way u are, note beauty is not in d eye but a man or woman that fear d Lord is to be lies within.

2 Dec 2014 14:02

9c topic, kip it on

2 Dec 2014 14:15

all na wash.

2 Dec 2014 15:01

God beauty is d best

2 Dec 2014 15:19

They r fake people and r ashamed of themselves or who they r, such people cannot do anything good, they don't want anybody 2 know their true ID. Most of them r fraudsters

2 Dec 2014 16:30

yes is true.

2 Dec 2014 16:34

Using another person's photo on ur profile shows how insecure,ungrateful and how foolish dat person fact,such people r seriously, I saw someone using my own picture as his profile picture on dis network. It was terrible.

2 Dec 2014 17:24

Theirs no cause for ALARM, they are simply and quietly "FRAUDSTERS" do worry all of u,who have fallen victim I promise u DEVIL and HIS ANGEL will remember dem one after the Order.......... Say amen if u are not a FRAUDSTER tnks

2 Dec 2014 17:40

na so they no fine nai make them the do so.

2 Dec 2014 18:03
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2 Dec 2014 18:27

dont blame dem na him papa or mama u ko birth 2 ugly people on dis wrd,..

2 Dec 2014 18:47

i don't see any reason for some one to use a fake PICTURE

2 Dec 2014 18:48

i don't see any reason for some one to use a fake picture

2 Dec 2014 20:06

Lolabello33. This one is one of them. Try follow am talk you go see say na one of them.

2 Dec 2014 20:19

Is Nt Gud @all

2 Dec 2014 20:40

Beauty which is of the body perishies but that which is of the soul endures forever.