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1 Dec 2014 13:24

Do You Know How Young Men Ought To Dress In This 21st Century ?

Contrary to popular belief, men's dress clothes should always be comfortable.
If they are not, it is the fault of the clothes' fit, and not of their nature. Suffering for beauty's sake does not do a man any good, either; if the fit of a garment makes its wearer uncomfortable, he will look it.
Indeed, a man looks his best when his clothes fit so well he barely notices them. On the other hand, if his suit or dress shirt are too tight, they will be pulling and choking at every turn; too loose, and a man looks like he borrowed some clean clothes from his older brother as he struggles to keep them out of the way.
A man's clothes send a message to the world about him , and if they fit him well, he will always make a good impression.
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17 Jan 2015 09:49

Modern outfit for men its awesome ..

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