Nigerian forum: Education - The meaning of EDUCATION.
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5 Mar 2014 19:48

When talking about education, is University, polytechnic, or colleges where, Someone can acquire "EDUCATION

27 Jul 2014 19:19


10 Aug 2014 20:20

Everywhere depend on ur seriousnes,eductn lead 2 knwldge ,nd no knwledge is wasted,likwise knwldge is evriwher even at hom. Jus 2 remind u knwldge is evrithing.

20 Jan 2016 00:07

Anywhere. That was why E.B CASTLE in 1965 says and I quote ' Eductaion is what happens to us from the day we were born to the day we die. So to be educated, is not until you go to higher institute, but be skillful and self reliance.

21 Apr 2016 20:10

Hmmm education doesn't take place in classroom alone d World on her own is a sku cos everything dere in teaches one lesson or d other so we lernt day to day we only go to sku for d sake of certificate thousands of pple who doesn't av d opportunity to go to sku av more knowledge dan many who calmed to PHD holder