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12 Jan 2014 06:58

We all know - blogging is a hobby. But do you know it can be a serious business, more serious than you can ever imagine. Do you know that there are some bloggers in the world whose earnings sometime exceeds the earning capability of a large firm where thousands of people work?
Here are some advantages of blogging business:
1. A business where no investment is required except a computer and an Internet . connection (sometime nominal hosting charges). Actually even computer is not necessary. By using such services as, you can create and manage blog right from your mobile phone.
2. A business which anyone can start off but some can really make it BIG.
3. A business which is location Independent .
I really believe that in Nigeria it's possible to generate solid revenue from blogging. So if here are some solid bloggers - please share your experience. Do you generate revenue, how big is your traffic, etc.

And here are some the most outstanding bloggers in Nigeria, which I believe have really good income:
1. Linda Ikeji Blog - Has been consistent as the number one blog in Nigeria and probably in Africa for the past two years. Congratulation for making the number one on our list and hope you keep getting stronger and innovate someday.
2. - One of the pioneer of blogging in Nigeria, said to have inspired Linda Ikeji. Uche Pedro has made her name in the history of blogging in Nigeria through Bella Naija. She actually inspired the widespread use of "Naija" by Nigerians
3. Techloy - Technology blog.

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14 Jan 2014 04:03

Definitely.... Because I am also a blogger, this is a very good tools to make your arm's spread just like the wing's of eagle that can able to fly across the skies... I like blogging...
A lot of very successful business tycoon in the world using this tools to get in touch with different people... you can meet a lot of friends thru blogging, changing Idea's and sharing vision and concept... I used this tools because this is a very very recommended tools to make your business advertise and promoted in a nicest way and very professional approached...
Because I am also a business man so that I could say it is very useful to me.
etc... so be it....

Thank you for this topic!!!

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14 Jan 2014 09:04
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14 Jan 2014 13:15
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14 Jan 2014 13:18

Quote by Yemizaza
How do I start to become a blogger, am USA trained engineer and a retiree. Am expecting reply sir

You have my reply in your Inbox please read it.

15 Jan 2014 16:06

it is possible to earn a lot from blog with little patience.

20 Jan 2014 23:34
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20 Mar 2014 10:24

Pls sir I have what it takes to start blogging,but name is Charles,Abuja.

22 Mar 2014 04:23

Teach me this if it real

31 Mar 2014 18:43

Yes blogging is a great (but easy) way to make a lot of money. Some people even make money teaching others how to make money by blogging. You can also learn how to do that here

2 Apr 2014 23:38
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4 May 2014 04:37

vey interesting.n i'm interested but 1st,wht s bloggin n hw can i start?

4 May 2014 17:26

How can i use my blog to earn, sir

4 May 2014 20:06

please teach me how to use it,am charles Enyioha from lagos thanks

4 May 2014 21:25

Yes,i know that blogging is very exciting and money-making.seriously i need anyone with knowledge of it to please send the way to go about it.please srnd it

5 May 2014 17:37

Dis is another opportunity for to earn money on by Going to dis sites:-

5 May 2014 18:47

Am interested in this blogging, pls teach me hw to do this. and wat is blogging?

5 May 2014 22:41

How can

5 May 2014 22:56
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28 Jul 2014 00:41

At the beginning, please concentrate on QUALITY CONTENT and TRAFFIC. These two will bring you the cash if PATIENCE is added to it. If you ask the very successful bloggers, they are most likely to tell you the same thing. This is what i have been doing with my five-month old blog @ it out