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19 Nov 2014 11:44

For you both to enjoy your self and your union to last, you have to still see your wife has your girlfriend,

19 Nov 2014 11:50

hnnmm na so

19 Nov 2014 12:21

Ahhh am so hpy

19 Nov 2014 14:08

nt just as girlfriend n also as ur sister

19 Nov 2014 15:19


19 Nov 2014 16:31

No. Dating comes before marriage. How can u b dating when u are married? There is difference between girl friend and wife. While dating, d one u are still studying her character is your girl friend. Once u are married, she is no longer your girl friend but your wife. The both of u have become one. U are not suppose to take your wife as a girl friend. If it happens the union wont last. U may take your wife out to see things, buy things or for eatery which I cant call dating cos u are already married to her. So u can call it outing instead of dating.

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19 Nov 2014 18:11 xo

19 Nov 2014 18:26

#lmao!!! Anyway it very simple qst, it depends on d wife, if d wife always reject her husband, so d best tin is 2hav a girlfriend and keep fucking as u want! Also if it is a man/woman that is use to havin hard or hot sex b4, he/she needs a new friend to certisfy d need,also for a man, he cnt be giving his house wife bad sex with different styles cos it's like his destroying his house and teaching his wife a bad tin to do wen his weak or when his dead.but most important thing is that, a bad man should marry a bad woman, a bad woman should marry a bad man too, a good man should marry a good Woman and a good woman should marry a good man, we should not mix it 2gether cos na wahala if we mix am.

19 Nov 2014 21:13

really wao

19 Nov 2014 21:29

Is true......just see ur wife as ur sister,ur daughter even as ur mother

19 Nov 2014 22:09

Yes in marriage a husband and wife are suppose to see each other as a best friend to make the marriage successful

19 Nov 2014 22:10

Yes in a marriage a husband and wife are suppose to see each other as a best friend to make the marriage successful

19 Nov 2014 22:14

dats true...

19 Nov 2014 22:16

How can one date after marriage??

19 Nov 2014 22:20

Marriage is something of eternity so make your marriage legitimate by showing that symbolic sign of commitment.

19 Nov 2014 22:36

Dat u are married to him or her does not mean u have known each other inside-out, marriage is a long institution where u get to know more about ur partner. U must see ur wife as ur friend not as iya somebody but as a dear friend. Marriage is post dating stuff

19 Nov 2014 22:58

I'm here to read comments ooo

19 Nov 2014 23:53

Man must Cheat,either u're in a good Relationship,Marriage Or Dating Unless a man that has the fear of GOD

20 Nov 2014 02:33

All is well, when you love it, u must take it as ur true love

20 Nov 2014 04:13

Weldone ma, friendship started in relationship. It has to continue in marriage.