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17 Nov 2014 10:49

Let be sincere to ourselves Single and married which one is sweet or better.

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17 Nov 2014 12:23

Single is sweet becos when ever u want to do stuff wt who u love no one we ask u werer are u doing dis to me na

17 Nov 2014 13:36
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17 Nov 2014 13:37

to get married is gd,bcos age is nt by ur side,n u will b apy to av ur own family,wih make u more responsible....

17 Nov 2014 13:43

Married. A Responsible Man Or Woman Is One Wit Children Or One Wit Mate.U Better Look 4 Ur Mate My Friend

17 Nov 2014 14:45
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17 Nov 2014 14:47

Am also single but will soon marry

17 Nov 2014 15:05
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17 Nov 2014 15:32

single is better 2 avoid much stress

17 Nov 2014 16:19

Both.single is gud in d sense dat u hv peace of mind.if u cant stay single den mariage shud b d next mariage u hv sum1 2 share with

17 Nov 2014 17:39
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17 Nov 2014 17:41
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17 Nov 2014 18:27

Being single is like saying that you dont want to grow but want to remain a kid forever n never ready to take responsibility. There's peace wether single or married, it all depends on your relationship with your wife/husband. Life has stages and i cant wait to get married to my lovely wife n carry my own kids. Two heads they say is better than one

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17 Nov 2014 18:55

Friends, if you want to be repected in your Community, you should think of geting married and face the real world.

There is joy in marriage than being single.
A single man or woman is like a graduate with no job, whereby involving in many problem.
When you have a wife, you will have children and you give them good conduct then they will make you feel happy.
Life is a stage, youths should be able to think towards issue relating to family.
Marry and have a helper
Evans Chima Ogu.

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17 Nov 2014 19:03

i think dey much joy in marri dan single

17 Nov 2014 19:37

Married life will forever be the best cox been single has blindfolded many youth nd in d process loose concentration about their future but a married man is saddle with a lot of responsibilities and that makes him a responsible man.even d fact dat getting married is not dat smooth to run but graduating 4rm single life to married life, is a life fulfilled

17 Nov 2014 19:47

Marriage is d best/sweetest

17 Nov 2014 19:47

Marriage is d best

17 Nov 2014 20:09

4 me being singl, is d best

17 Nov 2014 20:35
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