Nigerian forum: Computers - The Best 17 Inch Laptop To Buy
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10 Jan 2014 19:30

I need a 17 inchs laptop, advice on which to buy and why. Also it's specifications and how much it's going for. I am going to use this laptop mainly for working and watching movies.
And one more question - if I won't find fairly used laptop on Mobofree marketplace, what are the other places where I could by laptop in Lagos.

19 Apr 2014 13:18

High end 17 inch laptops as people usually call them, are about the biggest size of laptop screens although bulky(weight) but can serve right for people who want more graphics quality. And best for hard core gaming, photo and video editing, and other media content related works. They are usually built with a high graphics memory and added dedicated graphics card except some few that do not come with this feature.
I'll advice you go for one with 512 to 1gb dedicated graphics memory card or more, 6 - 12gb of ram since you are also a media content creator, and any hard disk memory will do ( 250gb - 1tb ). As for the brands available they are few, but quite expensive
Hp Envy 17, Hp Pavilion dv7, Hp g7, Hp Elitebook workstation 17 and other Hp series
Dell Inspiron 17, Dell Precision workstation 17, Toshiba Qosmio and other brands like Acer and Lenovo with 17inch.
As for their prices, they are quite expensive( high end ) b/w 100k to 250k and the cheapest brand new to my knowledge as at April 2014 is 100k ( Hp pavilion g7 corei3 ). For the used 17inch their prices are b/w 60k to 150k.
You can reach me on 08064766731 on the best place to get the Brand new and Used.
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