Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - CARING IN A RELATIONSHIP
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27 Oct 2014 00:01

For u guys that think caring is
by asking question like........... .
Have you eaten?
Have you taken your bath?
Did you sleep well?
How was your night?
Did you go out today? Were are
you now?
Hope your fine? Hmmmm......
I think you should improve more
asking question like these.
Should i get you some food stuff?
What type of soap and cream
shoud i get you? Do you need
some money to change your
Should i send you some cash for
Oh! Baby before i forget i just
received my salary now, hope you
don't mind if take you
out and spoil you a little?
Can you send me your account so
i can send you something so u
can make ur hair.
Aright dear i just call to know
how you are faring and to know
if you need a recharge card to call
your parents.
Ladies i hope am making sense

30 Oct 2014 12:46

You are making sense but na vahala way u wan cause on us guys

30 Oct 2014 13:22
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30 Oct 2014 13:25

wow,,,too true my dear,but that's next to impossibility for d guys

30 Oct 2014 13:43

True tell them

30 Oct 2014 14:02

Na problem u wan cause so o!! Lol.. nyc post, i believe all the girls will like this one

30 Oct 2014 14:17

caring is more than questions but action. a woman a man that always be around showing the care practically which is the real care. but when u are far try to be in touch.

30 Oct 2014 14:44

Caring has a fundamental which is finance cuz it lubricate the relationship.

30 Oct 2014 14:50
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30 Oct 2014 15:08

both of dem ar all caring

30 Oct 2014 15:56

How many times have u done dis to ur girlfriend?

30 Oct 2014 16:29

u com dis life com count brigde na...u4 ask if shi lik plane..cus na xo e easy 2do...

30 Oct 2014 18:28

Yap Tell Them Mobofree

30 Oct 2014 18:32

Na true my broda

30 Oct 2014 18:43

4 sur minister of women affairs

30 Oct 2014 19:35

na so e supose be

30 Oct 2014 19:35
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30 Oct 2014 20:56

Babe ur there ooo,u can say dat again nd again

30 Oct 2014 20:59

Guy na true oo

30 Oct 2014 21:08

Na u sa bi oo!!