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26 Oct 2014 23:25

When you sight and admire someone, is it love that you feel or lust?

30 Oct 2014 12:48

It is lust.This is normal in all men

30 Oct 2014 13:06

Is a lust but it depends on how d guy or lady engaged themselves in it to become love. Bcox love is a gradual process dt can build on trust, care n some sacrifice.

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30 Oct 2014 13:08


30 Oct 2014 13:24

Its lust

30 Oct 2014 13:57

Is not lust. So If u see what u like is lust?

30 Oct 2014 14:45

it means u are lust

30 Oct 2014 14:50

even if is not 1st sight u cnt aproach a gal nd tel dat is luv ,no man in dis wrd lov any woman lik marry b4 dey start 2 date,coz b4 u can aproach a gal u luk at her stature so if u wnt 2 marry a gal

30 Oct 2014 14:52

u dnt need 2 luk at stature coz 1ce u luk at hw d structure of d gal is u feel notin bt lust bt wen u get 2 knw d gal beta dat is only wen u can feel lik marry wit her attitude.

30 Oct 2014 14:53

if not so y guys dnt go 2 aproach a moron gal.

30 Oct 2014 14:54

Oh God! when has admiration turn into lust.... Watching someone lustfully is different from admiring the person

30 Oct 2014 16:31

all na wash..

30 Oct 2014 17:41

Is a lust not love

30 Oct 2014 17:48

U r moved by d appearance or d way dey talk at 1st is a developin procez

30 Oct 2014 18:05

It depends on what stimulated your feeling, if it's just her figure and beauty then it's surely lust, if it's more than that then that's love.

30 Oct 2014 19:36


30 Oct 2014 19:50
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30 Oct 2014 20:51

if I lik I c u first or second time..if I wan love u na personal tin...

30 Oct 2014 21:34

Do not get lost in the wilderness of lust

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30 Oct 2014 21:45

The world had gone weird, de dont even no Wot is called LOVE Hello, we still no dat clean love does exist at first site.