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24 Oct 2014 12:02

Is it possible to find true love via social media?

24 Oct 2014 13:16


24 Oct 2014 13:18


24 Oct 2014 13:25


24 Oct 2014 13:25

u can git it true love in social media

24 Oct 2014 14:11
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24 Oct 2014 14:55

Yes! Buh 98% of Nigerian ladies are arrogant, even if they need a guy in their lifes and they are ugly, they will still be forming and ignoring your messages or they refuse to accpt your request. Buh girls from other countries are not like that. So I suggest u should find 1 outside d country like US, UK, Malaysia, philistines, SA e.t.c. Or u keep trying naija girls goodluck!!!

24 Oct 2014 15:52

yes sure

24 Oct 2014 17:13

ova na love on fucking tinz.

24 Oct 2014 18:10

no,not really

24 Oct 2014 18:40

No....u only found deception

24 Oct 2014 18:51

I dn't rily thnk so,if der is,it cn't b a 2ru luv...

24 Oct 2014 18:52


24 Oct 2014 18:54

yes its very possible

24 Oct 2014 18:59

It's possible

24 Oct 2014 19:42
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24 Oct 2014 20:07

No true love on social network all is infatuation

24 Oct 2014 20:27
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24 Oct 2014 20:39

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24 Oct 2014 21:24

hard to find... Nija girls always demand 4 recharge card not true love.