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19 Oct 2014 22:04

Dear Readers,
I am Ijeoma. I am an undergraduate and I am in my
final year. I am in love With two different guys. The
first man is 10 years older than I am and he
sponsored me through all my education, While I
started dating the second guy in 300 level and we
are in same department in school. The second guy
isn’t financially stable yet, because I am the one that
still help him with feeding and tuition fees. I love the
second guy, but who would help me financially if I let
go of the first. I am confused because the first man
wants to come and see my parents next month.
Please, what should I do?

20 Oct 2014 10:24


20 Oct 2014 10:32


20 Oct 2014 11:03

Dont be an ingrate, d second guy mayb using u and who knows mayb he loves u in return. Go for d one dat has sacrifice more for ur sake. Note; love is not love until it is given out. D first guy has given out more

20 Oct 2014 11:48

nawa 4U....d first guy paid ur sku feez n also love u as u gues u r lookn @d age inbtween u n d first dear u beta go 4d one Wu lovez u d mor...

20 Oct 2014 11:53

gel...go 4d first guy cus u said he lovz u.....4get abt d age..

20 Oct 2014 12:02

Please and please go for the first guy

20 Oct 2014 12:21

Marry the first man.

20 Oct 2014 13:25

I will not forgive u and D almighty God wil not forgive u bcos its a betrayer the 1st guy invest on u and a labora deserve his wagees bible said but ask God who's really urs ok

20 Oct 2014 13:25


20 Oct 2014 14:05

Hi guyz my new...any 1 frd wit

20 Oct 2014 14:22

Listen to yourself.

20 Oct 2014 14:29

my dear seek for the face of God through prayers and one thing about some girls is that they like lavishing the money of tthe guy they dont love is not fare pls think if is should be u how will u feel common dear

20 Oct 2014 14:52

grl if u marri d secon guy,u wil regret it,

20 Oct 2014 14:57

Follow ur heart

20 Oct 2014 15:09

My dear friend. Keep hold to the first guy. He has been there for u all this time

20 Oct 2014 15:28
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20 Oct 2014 15:33

follow ur mind

20 Oct 2014 15:49

go for the first one. if u make a mistake means u finish patapata.

20 Oct 2014 16:36

Wel,d question s,s't an agreement wit u bot?if 'yes'dn, d sky s ur if no,d ealier d beta. Jst let him knw s nt goin 2 work,politely, dat u luv him i suguest u go 4 d first gay dat has given al 4 ur sake if i were u.

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