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18 Oct 2014 18:30

When I read this, I just couldn't stop laughing even though some may be true, but seriously its very hilarious. Please point out the one you think is true.

1. Woman is the last thing God created and the only thing he did not plan to create.
2. Woman is the first creature to disobey God.
3. Woman is the cause of all the problems, troubles we are having in the world today.
4. Woman is easily used by the devil.
5. Woman is like alcohol, if you take it too much, it will destroy you.
6. Woman is like cell phone, any day you press the wrong number, you will not make calls.
7. For woman marriage is business.
8. Woman is naturally wicked.
9. Don't take it for granted when a woman threatens you.
10. Woman likes money more than anything.
11. For woman,marriage is for better for stay, for worse for run away.
12. Woman is like flower, today it blossoms, tomorrow it fades away.
13. If you became poor, woman will give you only one year to recover.
14. You will never know the true nature of a woman until you become broke.
15. Woman can smell money from 1000 miles away.
16. Woman is like chameleon, she brings different characters.
17. Woman thinks straight.
18. Woman is unreliable.
19. Woman is proud.
20. Woman doesn't want to hear that you will be rich tomorrow, she want to hear that you're already rich.
21. Women like reaping where they did not sow.
22. Most times her Yes is No and her No is Yes.
23. No matter what you tell a woman, if someone tells her something better than what you told her, she will abandon you.
24. If your vehicle breaks down woman will jump out, watch you repair it, then afterwards she will come in and enjoy the ride.
25. Woman enjoys retaliation and revenge.
26. Woman becomes wise @40
27. Ordinary animal, snake deceived woman in the Bible, some people say it was Satan that enter the snake, that's a big lie,read that chapter, Satan was not mention.
28. Woman likes jollying.
29. Woman is fashion conscious.
30. Woman is material conscious.
31. Woman wants you to marry her completely so she can have right over your property, when you divorce her, she will go with 30 or 50% of your wealth. There is no truly born again woman.
32. Woman cannot do anything perfectly without the help of a man.
33. Woman enjoys telling lies.
34. If you don't take rubbish, please learn to take rubbish before you get married, because woman is full of fun rubbish.
35. Woman like cheating.
36. Woman is a perfect pretender.
37. Bible says you should not give yourself to woman otherwise she will destroy you. ( proverbs 31 vs 3)
38. Woman is shameless.
39. Woman will cause problems between you and your blood relatives
40. Woman take things for granted.
41. Woman finds it difficult to say sorry.
42. Woman finds it difficult to say I love you.
43. Woman doesn't believe she has to love her husband.
44. Woman is easily angry.
45. Woman hardly forgives and forget.
46. Woman can store more than 200 phone numbers in her brain.
47. Woman likes attention.
48. Woman likes gift so much.
49. Woman has no respect.
50. Woman can be very insulting.
51. Woman has shallow understanding.
52. To woman visitation is a business, she expects package whenever she visit your house.
53. Woman is very greedy.
54. Woman likes public opinion.
55. Woman don't like an intelligent man, she likes a man she can cheat.
56. If woman cannot kill you, you are a strong man indeed.

( culled up from The Zion Nationale Newspaper )

Hope you found it hilarious like I did.
From my opinion, I wouldn't say the writer is a sexist, but rather a fellow who just got his heart ripped out and so turns his anger on all women.

18 Oct 2014 20:22

Hmmmm! Even if the blog is interesting doesnt mean ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THIS. This msg simply goes out to 70% of women while the remaining 30% are better than 90% of men.. To me this isnt a joke even though some of them arent True coz EVEN THE GIRLS HERE CAN TESTIFY of them.. We shouldnt say such things about women because dey are created by God just like us(men) but frankly speaking A woman is one of the gr8est problem a man'll ever have..

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18 Oct 2014 20:29

Number 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 31, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56 are ALL TRUE BUT WE SHOULD NOTE THAT This doesnt go to all women.. Some women are just TOO SPECIAL

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18 Oct 2014 20:33

Imagine 41 out of the 56.. Chaiii! After God fear Woman

18 Oct 2014 21:00

I totally agree with you, it does not apply to all women.

18 Oct 2014 21:05

The one that made me laugh a lot was when he wrote, 'ordinary animal, snake deceived woman in the Bible '. He sounded like, why of all creatures a snake decieve a

18 Oct 2014 21:16

This guy dey vex o! Its like the guy dat wrote this has a beef with women.. Its like women don pieces him heart because na anger him take write this stuff so o

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18 Oct 2014 21:32


18 Oct 2014 22:45

To say d fact,nt all woman ar d sm,bt sm is true,nd d reason y dey ar lk dat do u know

18 Oct 2014 23:30

Nt all women remember ur mum is a woman n no mata wat u cnt do witout us (women)

18 Oct 2014 23:42
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18 Oct 2014 23:57

Pray tell Morharyor...

19 Oct 2014 00:02


19 Oct 2014 00:10

Quote by 08062624946
:hm I think 1 is true but 24 is very funny :haha

lol 24 indeed very funny but i've seen the scenerio more than 3times dat after the car breakdown the woman'll jump out n watch u fix the car. Some'll even tell u dat both of u'll meet @home n look for another means of transport

19 Oct 2014 00:29

Himmmm,99% of dis x true becos dis x exctly wat x happen 2 nw adays women nd gals

19 Oct 2014 00:35

All human beings r nt equal i dis agree wt u

19 Oct 2014 01:53

Hmmmmm, not all is true

19 Oct 2014 02:44

dis guyz wey rite dis quote...gues women don do am strong 4rili if moni grew on tree womem wudnt mind datin monkeys.

19 Oct 2014 05:38

God created man n woman n blessed dem. Man n woman he created them n named dem MAN wen He created dem. Gen 5-2. D truth is d writter of dis msg mere did out stupidity n ill thinking. 1st not all women r evil, not women r wicked. 2nd y didn't he mention d gud side of some women. Infact some of U dat av agreed wit him is it dat a woman has neva done evn jst 1 good tin in ur life. 3rdly behind evry successful man dere is a woman n dat comes into place wen evn U as a man has been gud dereby makin her best side come into place. D truth about life is dat dere is no wicked person in life dat is born dat way rather people lyk U n me make dem to b sooo. Its a two way tin cos a woman can make or mar U bt depends on U as well. After all som of dose women dat refer to as bad have U checked d foundation of d relationshipss. D tin is men cnt evn think. She has been good b4 den U strucked somtin else n U label her bad??? Well d tin is no woman no man cos if God knew men will do it alone dere would b no need 2 create women bt wen he realised its of importance dats y he created us. If not He culd av created anoda man to assist Adam. So b4 U label a woman bad make sure U av traced d problem n solved it. Cos if U treat her lyk a man she will bring out d king in U bt if U treat her lyk a piece of trash she is also very gud @ bringing out d monster n stupidity in U. So d choice is urs. No woman is bad, its U dat determine her.

19 Oct 2014 07:56

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