Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Are You comfortable with scamer and fake boys girls on mobofree if NO let talk abt it here and how to bring back your relationship,find true lov and get the best and trusted one u need
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1 Mar 2014 14:59

dear frds there ar many way You can stay steady in ur can get your life partner without falling into hand of scamer.d solution is nt a magic is what u will practice n testify to it here yourself.if u think You are having problem with your current relationship or u need help to get the true honest,lovely,understanding boys or girl add me on whatsapp with 08036531108 and i will tell you or advice u ao to be happy abt what u need.

10 Mar 2015 22:38

Yes is treu

10 Mar 2015 22:44

Ladies fail to listen n face realities worldwide.They don't have ingredients of social interractions in the environment they find themselves .

10 Mar 2015 23:47

Nice one