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13 Oct 2014 14:10

is jealous part of love????
my boyfriend is too jealous.nd,he still insist dat he love me.

13 Oct 2014 14:41

yes..part of love

13 Oct 2014 15:09

Yeas my dear, if hi is not jealous,hi didn't love with his hol heart, becos a man must be jealous 4 what ever hi love

13 Oct 2014 15:46

Oooh yes jealousy adds to love! But its not angry or does not envy! Is his behaviour strange? You need to define by his actions is it love or an obsession to rule or control your life? Only you will know.

13 Oct 2014 16:08

dat is not nesessary at all

13 Oct 2014 16:16

My dear same thing is happening 2 me am fed up o

13 Oct 2014 16:17


13 Oct 2014 17:37

jealousy to me is dat spice dat adds taste to a relationship, no man nor woman wants to share his or her partner with another. but there should be a limit to it because it can be fatal at times.ur man luvs u that's why he is jealous. or won't u be jealous if u see him with another woman?

13 Oct 2014 18:07

Y nt

13 Oct 2014 18:58

Jealousy is bad

13 Oct 2014 19:48

As long as u give me sex any time i wnt it,i will never b jealousy

13 Oct 2014 20:22


13 Oct 2014 20:25

Hmmmmmm nawaoooh

13 Oct 2014 20:27

dat's a lie,dat means u did nt love d person.

13 Oct 2014 21:30

yea. dats to show he really loves you.

13 Oct 2014 21:46

A guy should also give is gal benefit of doubt so he does not have to be jealous everytime e c's is gal with another guy or start doubtin her love for him

13 Oct 2014 21:50

jealousy is part of lv if u dont lv whom u are dating u must jealousy but d jealosy must not hurt two of u

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13 Oct 2014 22:10


13 Oct 2014 22:19


13 Oct 2014 23:33

jealousy is nt a tool 4 a gud relationship,cus wen u trust nd take care of ur gf/bf,den pple wil admire him or her.