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13 Oct 2014 08:12

What is that thing ur partner will do to u n u will neva 4give him or her???

13 Oct 2014 09:28
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13 Oct 2014 10:17

Cheetin on me, lyin 2mch

13 Oct 2014 10:56

Cheating lying and pretendin

13 Oct 2014 12:10


13 Oct 2014 12:16

Nothing no matter the offence as long as he's sorry, i will forgive him

13 Oct 2014 12:38

we r all human and r bound to make mistakes, as long as God keeps forgiving me my sins,I will forgive my partner no matter d gravity of d offence if he can be honest and own up to it.

13 Oct 2014 12:41
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13 Oct 2014 12:57


13 Oct 2014 13:00

leavin 4 no reason wat so ever

13 Oct 2014 13:25

u nono d tinz wey u don stil God wil 4gv y nt 4gv hr n mov on?

13 Oct 2014 14:25

Leavin witout trace

13 Oct 2014 15:27

As long as she. Will say sorry I will 4give an 4get

13 Oct 2014 16:12

never to tell lies against me to my parence

13 Oct 2014 16:23

I will always 4give my man no mata wat

13 Oct 2014 18:02

Wow funny,we re al human if God forgives us of all our sins I wonder wat kind of sins my partner wil commit I won't b able to commit.cheatin on u makin LV to ur best friends etc der re al falacies !!

13 Oct 2014 18:07

For those of u dat posted reasons NT to forgiv ur man pls try as much as possible to always forgiv ur spouse friends n well wishers cuz to err is human n to forgiv is divine

13 Oct 2014 18:34

comiting adultry

13 Oct 2014 18:34

comiting adultry

13 Oct 2014 23:44

Is gud to 4give,but i cnt 4give if my gal fuck my blood brother at my own house,i will kill d gal