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10 Jan 2014 18:33

Well honestly speaking Alexa rank is just rubbish and has nothing to do with your blog traffic. But if you want to generate some cash from advertising - it's important to have good rank. Because big part of potential advertisers make decisions based on Alexa rank. defines themself as a "web information company".They rank every website and blog based on their traffic and some other factors.This Alexa Rank gets updated daily. Lesser the number better. So here are tips how to increase your Alexa rank:

1. Install Alexa Toolbar on your browser and also ask your friends, visitors to install toolbar on their browser.
2. To gain full control over your site.Claim your site on will help others to know who owns the site and helps you in ranking better on Alexa.
3. Alexa counts only those hits which comes under their system.So put an Alexa widget on your blog/website.
4. If you get more visitors who are bloggers and techy guys then your alexa rank will increase fast because all the Bloggers and Techy people will be installing alexa widget on their browsers.
5. As people who read posts related to Blogging and Internet Marketing are web masters so ,if you write posts related to those topics then you will get more visitors who installed Alexa Toolbar on to their browser which directly boosts your Alexa Rankings.
6. Comment on other blogs which are under the niche Blogging and Technology with good traffic and link back to your blog.In this way build more links from blogs with good traffic because backlinks are crucial as you might have noticed that alexa even calculates the number of backlinks you have.
7. Share your posts on social networks like Facebook,Stumble upon and Digg.These sites not only brings massive traffic but also helps in increasing your Alexa Rank.

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16 Jan 2014 03:04

Good one thanks!

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11 Feb 2014 22:04
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21 Mar 2014 18:34

I try it but at the end i can't Login. I can say that it did'nt work for me

21 Mar 2014 18:38

After i signup and comfirmed my email they asked me to login but i can't login so it did'nt work for me

1 Aug 2014 01:09
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6 Jan 2015 22:05
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13 Feb 2015 12:12
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2 Jul 2015 16:12

I strongly disagree with your post. Relevance is key to traffic, keep relevance and your traffic will shoot up....simple as A,B,C. I have a social site which I have not claimed on Alexa and I don't intend to claim it, yet I enjoy a huge amount of traffic for a 5months old website. Check on alexa and see what I'm saying.

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3 Jul 2015 10:07

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6 Jul 2015 02:23

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