Nigerian forum: Sports - can ronaldo do it again?
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10 Oct 2014 14:59

now ronaldo is set to break records and most especialy hat trick in every match he plays, do you think he can do it?

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10 Oct 2014 15:47

4wia.... He is jux exagretinq himsef and his fans

10 Oct 2014 16:32

He Can Do It Why No Because He Iz My Best Player

10 Oct 2014 16:37

He will do it cos we all love him and he play well

10 Oct 2014 16:38

He will do it just wait till 28 of dis month

10 Oct 2014 17:10

I believe he can...well, considering his present form.

10 Oct 2014 20:41

Yes he can always do it evrytym

10 Oct 2014 21:13 lion mesi stil rmainz ma bestest futballa.

10 Oct 2014 21:18

Well he can with is present form...the guy is great bt MESSI is greater.

10 Oct 2014 22:40

is my best player at the moment so he will definitely do and continue to break record till he retire as a footballer

11 Oct 2014 00:01

D baland'or winner cn du it

11 Oct 2014 00:39

wel he cn do it again cause i c him breakin nd setin records

11 Oct 2014 00:58


11 Oct 2014 10:26

He must surely do it bcus he is the best player on planet & we will contineu to support him & love him,the guy just too much messi should go & sleep bcos in know reach him left leg alone,plenty gbosaaaaaa for RONALDO king of present football

11 Oct 2014 11:20

yea he cn do it mre dan dat nw

11 Oct 2014 12:13

He has been doing it ,i knw he can do it again n continue 2 do it like dat stil wen he retire.

11 Oct 2014 12:23

Y nt, he ix goin 2 break all d records

11 Oct 2014 13:20

i4sure he will do it!

11 Oct 2014 13:31

Why Not He Will Always Do It

11 Oct 2014 14:37
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