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9 Oct 2014 01:57

They started dating since june 19 2012 she has been a loving girl and I have being a loving guy to her as well... She is a virgin at 21 for real a virging. So many times I have been in the mode we kiss romance and I get in the mode for sex but she will beg me not to that she is so scared of sex... I remember a day I tried so much to disvirging her she cried and I
felt for her since I have a sister too and will not want anybody to hurt my sister as well so I respected that and left her I even told her I was sorry for what I did...
However, I stop asking for sex and was waiting for the right time to come when she will give it to me with all her heart... I never new I
was just a dreamer...
Nevertheless, yesterday I went to see a friend of mine who stays at a place called Iyana-Ipaja in lagos state... While I was about opening the door I was hearing ahhhh babe take it slow easy asss am enjoying it so sweet... I dont want to interrupt so I waited outside for him... After a while, he opened the door I came in only to see my girlfriend on his bed my heart almost came out of my mouth. I cried like a baby... Since yesterday till now I have not eating.. plzz
advice me what to do am so weak now
pls help, with your comments, some one somewhere might be affected positively.

9 Oct 2014 10:02

d deed has been done. I blv dat she has been disvirgin 4 long bcos some
ladies ar lik dat. Next time u shoud comfirm d virginity urself. just do as if u dont care and incase she come begging, accept her ar continue 2 hv ur own part of d sex. some ladies ar not 2 b pity.

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9 Oct 2014 10:07

Guy I really feel for u buh u just have to move on forget about her even though she come pleading for ur forgive her nd let her find some one else nd ur love she don't deserve she was just playing with am sorry to say this buh sees u as her mugu

9 Oct 2014 11:01

hmmm so touchin

9 Oct 2014 11:44
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9 Oct 2014 11:50

move on my guy that is life

9 Oct 2014 12:26


9 Oct 2014 12:28

Yes u ar ryt, bt

9 Oct 2014 12:50

She has never been a virgin, she was just lieing to u and she never loved u. just move on but dont conclude that all women are like that bcos there are still faithful ones. Pray for miss right and she will never fail u no matter ur level right now

9 Oct 2014 13:41

Guy we gals na ungreatful pple eeee abeg no cry for dat kind gal move on I they here na hahahahaa just kiddin

9 Oct 2014 14:08

guy pls move on

9 Oct 2014 14:17

nothing new in life, i found disapointment in wife after marrage, that she is a sex machine, on ontill she divoice me.

9 Oct 2014 14:35

she is not worth crying for, save ur heart 4 d ryt one, if such one even exist. Jst get d bitch out of ur head nd enjoy life, cos it's swt witout heartbrks. Nxt time play smarter.

9 Oct 2014 15:32

She has not bn a virgin all d while, she managed 2 deceive u, actually, she wasn't in love with u, she must have bn gaining something from u, that's y she was managing u. Just move ahead with ur life

9 Oct 2014 15:41

She was not yours, don't kill yourself, wait and pray God give your own that will be yours forever.

9 Oct 2014 16:29

story 4d godz....dem dey rit virginity 4face?u com dey cry...e b lik say water plenty 4ur eye.....

9 Oct 2014 21:23

So sorry 4 dat i no it hurt alot jst wanna tell u 2 4get abt her bt remember wat she did 2 u doesnt min u shld hurt odas

9 Oct 2014 22:28

Dude,its a pity,i knw twil b hard 4 u 2 move on just try 2 let go

9 Oct 2014 22:34

She might be a virgin,somtimes ladies say no when they mean yes,so you were too carried with pity that another person have to do the work for you.

9 Oct 2014 23:53

c'est la vie! u gotta move on.she doesn't deserve u brother. female species don't know who love n really care for them.they always love d bad hommies.