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7 Oct 2014 11:09

I came across a discussion about a man who has EVERYTHING but yet being addressed as a POOR man, IMAGINE!! so i decided to ask WHO IS A SUCCESSFUL MAN??and WHAT ARE THE CRITERIAS FOR ONE TO BE A SUCCESSFUL MAN??

7 Oct 2014 11:54

Every men are successful just have it in mind, don't think about what people are saying

7 Oct 2014 12:10

Cus nt only riches nd wealth cn make u 2 be a successful man bt also wisdom,luv,understandin nd other gud qualities.

7 Oct 2014 12:21

Mature minded comments, tnks palz

7 Oct 2014 12:25

Well i finally found the answer to the question in no other place than The Word of God

7 Oct 2014 12:27

Its in Genesis 39:2. The AMPLIFIED put it this way "But
the Lord was with Joseph, and
he [though a slave] was a
successful and prosperous

7 Oct 2014 12:41

To every Layman, a successful somebody is one who has ACHIEVED n ACQUIRED a gr8 deal in life- simply put.

7 Oct 2014 12:51

ur impact in ur comunity n nvironz showz ur sucsex in life.

7 Oct 2014 14:05


7 Oct 2014 14:17

A successful man is a man with vision, a man that knows where his going to and not a wealthy man

7 Oct 2014 14:41


7 Oct 2014 14:49

hmmmm in my own understanding successful man is a man who has achieved greatly in all area or aspect of life precisely in organisation wise n the way to know a successful man is by the people dat is workin him n dat his paying also

7 Oct 2014 15:06

A successful man is who has Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour.

7 Oct 2014 15:07


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7 Oct 2014 15:57
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7 Oct 2014 18:20

A man dat has a vision and a dream, and know he is going.

7 Oct 2014 21:18

Unfortunately, people tend to measure success with how much money amassed. Its possible to be rich and have a desire that can not be met with money.

7 Oct 2014 21:56

is a person that can reach others and also teaches others

7 Oct 2014 22:08

A successful man is he dat has god. cos u find every tin u want in god money,gudhealth wisdom, peace success, and above all love. So wit out god no man is successful

7 Oct 2014 22:22

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