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7 Oct 2014 08:58

Why is it that it's only d men that do toast ladies, no mata hw madly in love a girl is wit a guy she can't tel him?

7 Oct 2014 09:36

Some Ladies too do toast, some will tell u directly why some will tell u indirect by showing some kinds of green light and stuff like dat

7 Oct 2014 09:36

Is natural cos ladies get shy nd thy dnt like embrassment so dt is why thy wll keep it within their mind

7 Oct 2014 09:45

Some ladies do toast indirectly or directly. especialy when she gas d love. it we get 2 a time she won't be able hide

7 Oct 2014 09:48

It is true

7 Oct 2014 10:21

Mostly guys do toast

7 Oct 2014 11:03

ladies pls be wise start revellin wat is in ur heart lyk wat we always done to you, de world is change we always welcome ur ideas and thought.

7 Oct 2014 11:06


7 Oct 2014 11:11

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7 Oct 2014 11:16

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7 Oct 2014 11:32

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7 Oct 2014 11:34

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7 Oct 2014 11:40

But I dnt see bad tin for a lady to tell a guy dat she love him or she will like to be a friend.

7 Oct 2014 11:42

remember,God gave Adam a woman to be with him called Eve

7 Oct 2014 11:46

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7 Oct 2014 12:02

Cus God created men 2 be de head nd nt de tail,so y should a gal toast a guy

7 Oct 2014 12:06

i need lag bby 4 frndship

7 Oct 2014 12:08

4rm d beginning wen GOD created huma being man was d first creator......he say man shud rule in evryting tht's y u dnt here groomprice rather brightprice.

7 Oct 2014 12:12

I meet a gal recently, I excuse ha 4 a chat, I say babe did u knw am hot lyk fire as I met u nw.....d gal respond n say I even malt lyk candle even b4 u came to me.....I say wow 4 really .......she say yes....tht hw...?

7 Oct 2014 12:13

al na toast directly y women toast indirectly wit dia characta n bhavoiur.