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6 Oct 2014 15:25

Share some original ideas

6 Oct 2014 15:36

Onwuka&son's life science electrical construction(ltd)is now available in all state in Nigeria

7 Oct 2014 16:43

Laboratory eqipnts

6 Nov 2014 03:38

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3 Mar 2015 23:38
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5 Oct 2015 20:53

Look at what you can also sell......

20 Oct 2015 17:34

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22 Oct 2015 10:51

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20 Nov 2015 00:39

SPY Gadget for sale at a cheaper price
I have some classic and unique Spy gadget which we all need to have for security purpose..
The gadget have the Ability and capacity to record voice,video recording and snap a picture for over 2hrs ..... It has 8GB memory card and 32GB can be attach to it.....
Contact me via whataspp :-08032610095 or call me on :-08104398463...
God bless u all.

27 Dec 2015 15:17

Ruzu Herbal Bitters....

Dear Fellow Marketers,

I have a mouth-watering proposition for you today. . . Introducing the Ruzu Bitters Business Opportuniy!

We have 20 Million Nigerians who are Diabetic! Based on the African diet, diabetes is predicted to become an epidemic in a few more years. The cost of management is high, the drugs are not curative.

Weak erection is also a menace! The population of unsatisfied wives is also on the increase. High blood pressure management drugs weaken erectile functions. The population of those who have these challenges are more than people own up for.

Or is it typhoid? Malaria? High Blood pressure? Fibroid? Menstrual anomalies or sexually transmitted infections?

The market space for solving any of these problems is in the millions.

Money follows value! The more problems you can help people solve, the wealthier you can become. A2W is bringing you a life transforming product with quick effects. This is surely an opportunity to help people around you, live healthy lives, and also empower you to earn phenomenal income while attending to that.

The Amazing Ruzu Herbal Bitters is scientifically proven. . . It's Nature's Pure Miracle!

Call/Whatsapp: 08028665065

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16 Jan 2016 00:08

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