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6 Oct 2014 15:23

Here are some proven classified ad selling tips to guarantee a successful sale in Nigeria. Read these tips and share your own!

1.PREPARE: Determine the items around your home thatyou no longer need. Once you have collected these items,confirm that they are in working order and in good selling condition. If items have been in storage for a long period of time, you may need to clean them up to make them more attractive to potential buyers.
You can also sell items with some problems, but be honest and warm potential buyers about that.

2.RESEARCH: After all items are collected, do your research. Determine the value of your items and decide whether it would be worth you time and effort to place classified ad. Do not forget, that even if some item looks unusable for you - for other person it can be real treasure!

3.WHERE TO ADVERTISE: Once you have the items sorted out, you need to decide the best method of advertising. We strongly recommend to place free advert on MoboFree classifieds.

4.DRAFTING YOUR AD: What are the most attractive selling features of your items for sale? Decide which of these features you want to highlight in your classified. Look for ads for similar items to get an idea of how they are written. Check out the competition to see how your item is better or different than the items that will be running along side your ad.

6.INCLUDING PHOTOS: A picture is worth a thousand words. Classifieds with photos give 10 times better effect.

7.COMMUNICATING WITH BUYERS: Do your best to be available when customers call for information regarding your item. Be polite and helpful and answer all questions to the best of your knowledge. Do not forget to check your MoboFree messages, because over 60 % of buyers usually are tended to send private message before making a call.

8.PAYMENT: Always try to meet buyer life in the safe place. You should only accept cash. If a buyer decides they want the item, but they do not have cash on them, always take a deposit to hold the item until they are able to come back. Be sure to set a deadline for them to return with the balance due. Even though you have a deposit, do not stop showing your item since the deal is not final until you have the cash in your hand. If someone else is also interested, tell them you just received an offer, but you will be happy to take down their name and number in case the deal falls through. This will give you more options should the original buyer back out of the sale.

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