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6 Oct 2014 10:51

All i need is a group of good poets nd lets do some rhyme battle...lets entertain Mobofree

6 Oct 2014 12:12

Dats gud

6 Oct 2014 12:44


6 Oct 2014 12:57

oya mak we start na

6 Oct 2014 13:03


6 Oct 2014 14:08

I'm very much ready

6 Oct 2014 14:45

precision is radical uncompromising
precision is the basis of every classic never achived by accident craftmanship skills and expertise are absolute passed down over hundred years.

6 Oct 2014 15:29
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6 Oct 2014 16:18

My enemies think am a clown,
my folks cal me a king with a crown.
Hold on can u see my gown,
i know it makes u frown.
Bcos am still in town..
Yes,call me d king with crown..Thats me

17 Feb 2015 11:40


mother of the giant
security of my movement,
enrichment of vitamine
memorable of my brain,
housemeld of my house.

young shall grow
when its time to play
release my remote
controller of my game
embarking me like tortoise
manupulating my time.

young shall grow ina a breeze of moon
shinning like glass,glithering like gold
searching like internet server
swelting like gos of iron
taking higher mile race.


11 May 2015 22:45

the angry mind. Looking down 4rm my window,i saw a youngman,talking 2 himself,on a crowdy streets road.talking 2 himself,laughing a dry laughter at a time,not minding d people around him,to him he is all alone,you may not know why people talk 2 themselves.if d road is rough nd dia is nothing 2 smoothen it,a man talks 2 himself,if showers of sorrow fell like an arrow in a battle field,d disheartened man may talk 2 an angry man on a crowdy street in a town,laughing nd frowning all the time may talk 2 himself,2 kip d tears,anger nd blames u r sad,it is also same 2 me

12 May 2015 10:04

My country
Land flowing with numerous minerals
Nurture with fair climate
Devour by her leaders
Dishonour by its youth
Disdain by foreign press
Yet flourish in my heart
Even though u haven't reach top
Still crawling from birth
No country is going to love me
As u do my dearest country 9JA

12 May 2015 12:57

Xmas day. Kokroko kooooo,another day has come,sleep leaves the children's eyes,unwilling like a faithful lover. But this day is different,the loudly crow of the tied docks,cut across the chilly morning mist,the dropping morning dew on the yellow trees,the cold white light before the heat of 2day,b4 d docks begins 2 cry,the gun powderly smell of yesterday,before d xmas stew smells.Rushing 2 dia mommies rooms 2 take a look on their glinting xmas clothes.eating nd bathing hurriedly,putting on their sweet xmas clothe 2 church,2 show 2 fwends nd foes,laughing at any kid who wore an old clothe.coming back 4rm church,eating a plate of hot rice wit an xmas meat on top,playing nd shooting bangers wit fwends,down all the street corners.