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6 Oct 2014 09:10

What will u do if someone of
ur age, slap ur mum just
becos she was owing him #

6 Oct 2014 12:43

I neva take it easy with her i swear i might kill her

6 Oct 2014 12:59

hmmmm...4him life him go rgret say dem born am..slap ma mom?...only God no my reactn.

6 Oct 2014 13:01

even if na persin wey senior mi...I must do am strong tin..hmmm slap d woman dat brot mi 2dis world?

6 Oct 2014 13:07

Hmmmm, it's wrong 2 slap somebody 2 start with, but instead of fighting, u can prosecute him 4 assault.

6 Oct 2014 15:28

no wahala i will return de slap to de sender de way he was done,if he try any rubbish again he will see de real fuck up.