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6 Oct 2014 01:29

Can u deny your parents for the sake of your soulmate/bedmate????

6 Oct 2014 12:41

I will neva deny my parent,bcos of my soulmate or sexmate,my parent are inportant to me

6 Oct 2014 13:07

hmm nice questn...weda na my soulmate,bedmate,wife or parent wil alweyz b ma parent no faking it.

6 Oct 2014 13:07

That's madness...

6 Oct 2014 13:52

Dat can never be done.

6 Oct 2014 13:58


6 Oct 2014 14:07

I can never deny my parent bcause of my soulmate,At anytime ur lov may disappoint u,but ur parent would always b der for u

6 Oct 2014 14:14


6 Oct 2014 15:11

I cant do dat, becaus of wife or sexmate: shmmmmmmm god 4bid. My mother we stil my mother 4ever. Becus my wife can go or left me behind; wit my children. But my mother wil never do dat.

6 Oct 2014 15:18

Is ths possible?No,its not.My parents remain mine forever if @ all sexmate or soulmate decides to leave or not.Iya ni WURA while Baba is d DINGI to show us d ways.Lobatan.

6 Oct 2014 15:43

capital NO dey dnt hv number two in my lyf...

6 Oct 2014 15:45

I can't. my parents comes first, they mean the world to me

6 Oct 2014 15:47

They mean is good

6 Oct 2014 15:48

i cant ever do that in my life

6 Oct 2014 15:48

Why bcos of wot

6 Oct 2014 20:34

Come on hw cn I do dat