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3 Oct 2014 13:46

what would u do if u find ur self in a situation lyk dis?.u are a bus driver,carrying 14 perssengers but unfortunately dat day u were ambushed by armed robbers in the process of excapeing u find out dat d only way 2 save ur bus,ur life and dat of the perssengers is to hit 3 people because they have been placed on the road as a trick 2 stop u.would u hit them,or would just stop and risk ur life and dat of ur perssengers?

3 Oct 2014 15:02

Hit them. after all the passangers lives is what matter.

3 Oct 2014 15:19

na so
I go hit dem o

3 Oct 2014 15:45

Hit na

3 Oct 2014 16:17

if I no chop dem raw den I dey craz b dat na..rmemba I go safe 14 lifes plus ma dat 3 wey I go nack e no go show.

3 Oct 2014 16:21

lolzzz no tym for tori dan to hit dem oooo my guy

3 Oct 2014 18:33

I will hit dem

3 Oct 2014 22:05


3 Oct 2014 22:11

There is no any other alternative Na (hit and carry on)

3 Oct 2014 23:43

Hit dem jare!

4 Oct 2014 00:08

hit n run,finito.

4 Oct 2014 01:14

Is like a trailer comin wit a high speed in an express road and saw an oldman crossin d road with sluggish footstep,what will you do?march brake or run through him?

4 Oct 2014 04:18

hit dem ooo,life no get duplicate

4 Oct 2014 08:14

Gba won da nu..

4 Oct 2014 08:16

even if u try 2 run,the wil stil shoot at d tyre 2 stop u.nd u wil face more danger nd their wrath

4 Oct 2014 09:39

Hitting dem does not assure u of ur safety.. Becus dey will com after u. And u knw wat dat means. U will face a worst situation. U called dem arm rubbers not assassins. So, just obey their instructions. Dey will only still and go except u disobey dem. Mind u, u life is more important Dan ur money or property.

4 Oct 2014 15:15

Hit dem

4 Oct 2014 15:56

oh boy na hittin tinz ooo

4 Oct 2014 16:10


4 Oct 2014 17:14