Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - DOES TRUE LOVE STILL EXIST?????
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2 Oct 2014 19:10

The first girl i court was a girl from my church, we court for good 4yrs with the concience of my pastor andmy parent, later on she told me her parent doesnt support our relationship, dt dey said dey cant allow her to marry someone who is not brought with silver spoon, after alot of crying, sobber i forget d pain, after 3 years i engage with anoda person, 2weeks ago she brokeup with me, complaining the samething after so many fraustration from her mum dt she should look for someone who is working and ready for marriage we court for 1 and half year she show me her support and prove she has true love to me..... Please DOES TRUE LOVE REALLY EXIST???????

3 Oct 2014 16:58

true love still exist but what u just ve to do is to keep praying n waiting for the right man/woman to comes by

3 Oct 2014 17:01

hell no

3 Oct 2014 22:23

Yes!to those who stick 2 deir promises

4 Oct 2014 03:20

2ru luv doesn exist jawe

4 Oct 2014 03:26

Hell Yes!

4 Oct 2014 03:30

as long u exist n feel love in ur heart, it u truely lover, u wnt ask this foolish quesion.

4 Oct 2014 03:35

why dnt u tank God u havnt get married b4 u enter a life problems, God help u out of doom that may take ur life away.

4 Oct 2014 03:44

Yes! it is, but scarce. its jst a matter of time n enof patience wit prayer.

4 Oct 2014 10:58

Talking abt true love among human is a big damn, trust me. No true love among human beings but only in heaven could you find true love.... I mean among tha angels and in tha most God....
Lo, you gonna be absolutely comfortable being with Jehovah Nissi tha most high God then there would be no more jilt, heartbreaking, loneliness or fake love... You gonna be real in ur ways.
I don't give a damn neither do i take it so am always comfortable being with Jehovah Nissi Just throw tha book of true love in to trash box... hun

4 Oct 2014 14:49

Yes it exist

4 Oct 2014 15:18


4 Oct 2014 16:03

Yes true LoVe still exist.... but rare

6 Oct 2014 02:05


6 Oct 2014 06:06

yes there is true love it only requires prayer and patience.

6 Oct 2014 06:10

why dont u talk to ur pastor about it so as to join u in prayers

7 Oct 2014 15:51

Yes true luv still exist maybe those 2 was nt meant 4 u. U should wait 4 ur own true luv. I believe God's time is the best, wait 4 that time to come dear.

7 Oct 2014 15:55

Yea I can say true lv still exist bt u need to sick d face of d lord toward its first

7 Oct 2014 15:56

Yea there is true luv

7 Oct 2014 16:14

Yes true love stil exist sweet baby.