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2 Oct 2014 09:36

Do you think so far that Mr. President GEJ has done well and deserve another tenure? You reason please.

2 Oct 2014 13:27

No because this term is for the north by given the other part of the nation to rule this will qualified the nation and the world in general that nigeria is a circular country

2 Oct 2014 19:33


2 Oct 2014 21:53

well,as 4 me i don't tink he worth anuder tenure becos i am not seeing any improvement on nigeria economy,in a short word,he is not capable of ruling this brighted futured nigeria.

2 Oct 2014 23:16


2 Oct 2014 23:32

To Be Realistic, I Would Not Give Applause To His Governance; Knowing Fully Well, That His Governance Is A Continuation Of Failed Leadership As Been Used And Seen By The Nigerian Society. The Nigerian Leaders Had Failed Its Citizens In Deliverig Gud Leadership And Governance As Expected Of Them. And Every Single Day Of Continous Neglect, Brings Her Close To Its Doom. We Need Leaders Who Are Driven Minded, Leaders With Vision For Change, Leaders Who Love Nigeria As Themselves, Striving Till Death To Bring And Take The Nigerian People To A Better Height And Level; My Perception..

3 Oct 2014 00:43

As me as confirm let forget about GEJ done well or no done well. we need youth from another party to rule this country is enove for PDP

8 Nov 2014 12:01

GEJ or BEJ 2 me is a scam is regim is d worstest hv seen

24 Dec 2014 11:57

Hog nd goat